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With Jordon Yates - i3 Lending, Inc., the loan approval process has never been easier. We offer a variety of secure and convenient application options:

  • Call us at (312) 600-4513
    • We will gladly take your application over the phone and assist you with any questions you may have.
  • Here is the list of documents will you need to start gathering for most loan programs?

    • Pay stubs for each applicant, reflecting a minimum of 30 days of income
    • W-2s – two years
    • Tax Returns – two years federal returns
    • Bank statements – two to three months. Must have all pages including the blank ones.
    • Retirement accounts – IRA/401k if being used for the loan
    • Self-employed Borrowers: year-to-date profit and loss statement, plus two years business tax returns
    • Proof of pension income, if applicable
    • Social Security and Disability income if applicable
    • Child support or alimony income (optional for you to disclose)
    • A copy of earnest money deposit check (for purchases)

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